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eircom StudyHub is full of top quality tutorials for secondary level students, available FREE with all of our Broadband packages.

eircom StudyHub gives you:

  • free online access to over 400 hours of Video and Audio tutorials.
  • over 375 tutorials in both higher and ordinary level Leaving and Junior Cert subjects - including Project maths, Biology, CSPE, Irish and much more.
  • content prepared by expert tutors and teachers

Each subject is split into tutorial packs, each containing:

  • A video eLesson
  • A video of an exam model answer
  • Lesson notes to support each of the above
  • An audio version of the eLesson.

More information, help and support is available at our forums and FAQ pages.

Check out our Sample Leaving Cert Project Maths pack

Permutations, Combinations and Probability Part 1 - link to the sample project maths pack

Registration is easy - all you need is your phone number an account number.

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